The Road Ahead: HUGE Annoucement

2:42 PM

I have been feeling incredibly strange about not posting to this blog for the past week or two. Game of Thrones, season six has ended but I have been programmed over the last several months to create a weekly blog with smart insight or general observations about the show. As a result, over the last several days I have been attempting to envision how I might still utilize this platform as I impatiently wait for the seventh season of the show to begin, because not blogging every week has been...weird.

I have decided that I want to return to the books and do something of a "Book Club" post every week or two until the show returns. My life is a bit crazy and classes will begin again before I know it, but I would like to commit to reading a few chapters per week (or bi-weekly) and write about them. Perhaps I will write a bit about adaptation, changes between the book and show, perhaps a bit about the convoluted albeit genius political plot that Martin weaves into the books. Who knows! There are so many things that can be said and I think that this will be a great way to continue the conversation about the Game of Thrones universe.

Because I want this to be an experience in which my readers can follow along, whether it be their first time or 10th time through the series, I will read a set number of chapters each week (sometimes bi-weekly but I will warn readers when this will happen). I will start with book one (A Game of Thrones) and continue through the books in sequence until the HBO series returns. Although I will likely only make it through a book or two before this happens, I am hoping that this will allow me to continue this tradition after season 7 comes to a close.

So here is the plan for next week: I will read the first four chapters of A Game of Thrones and post it next week. I am also hoping to end each post with a couple of discussion questions which I am hoping my readers will engage with in the comments section of the blog.

So let's do this! A Game of Book-clubs is officially a GO!


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