Returns, Resurrections, and Fakers...Oh My!: A Game of Thrones Recap

8:14 PM

This week I have been feeling a bit empathetic to Arya. Girlfriend, I have been feeling on the verge of death this week too. Okay, I was not stabbed but some kind of terrible bug set up camp these past few days. I finally starting to feel functional again. Hopefully Arya will be feeling herself again next Sunday as well.

Because my body is still disallowing my brain from performing with any long term coherence (thank sickness!), I have decided to step away from my usual method of finding a theme on which to expand and, instead, I will just give a few general thoughts on the latest episode. Therefore this blog is brought to you in three parts.

Part 1: Clegane-bowl(?!?)
As anyone who took the time to watch knows, this episode was heavy on The Hound. Book fans probably are aware that there is much speculation within the fan community that The Hound is also still alive in the book series. The fact that the show never actually showed The Hound die on-screen has caused many fans to believe that he would, in fact, be back. All of this makes me wonder wether the show is buttering up the audience for the long-speculated Clegane-Bowl. The fact that the TV show had The Hound serving - or at least living among - followers of The Seven makes me wonder if the show will use this association to bring The Hound to King's Landing to continue to serve there. If this happens it stands to reason that Cersei will probably request a trial by combat that will pit her champion (the resurrected Mountain) up against the champion of the faith militant (likely, The Hound).

Part 2: Lady Stone-Heart
The Brotherhood Without Banners was also a return presence in this episode. Although they appear to be the force behind the pillaging and massacre of the convent in which The Hound found refuge, I must ponder the purpose of their reemergence. The return of the brotherhood in a season that has been so keen on character returns makes me wonder if the show-runners won't use this opportunity to bring back Lady Stoneheart (a.k.a. Catelyn Stark). My fingers are definitely crossed!

Part 3: Margaery Tyrell
I think that one of the biggest twists this week came in the form of a small hand drawn rose delivered to Grandma Tyrell from her granddaughter Margaery. Although I have not completely figured out what Margaery's end game is, I was greatly suspicious that she was, in fact, not as devout as she was making herself out to be. I am curious how this is going to play out as it pertains to Tommen. Is he aware of Margaery's disingenuousness? The way in which he is interacting with the Faith suggests to me that he is not necessarily aware at all. I am curious if this whole scenario will play into Tommen's death which I feel will probably happen at some point in the next episodes (or early next season).

Hopefully my faculties will be restored before the next episode so that I might be able to offer something of more substance next week.

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  1. Glad you are returning to the living--and without a resurrection from Melisandre! The Clegane bowl sounds like a good idea, but they certainly are stringing it out. I think the Rose from Margaery is being interpreted as a sign that she is just playing a ruse with the High Sparrow. Is he so gullible. Makes me wonder if Lancel Lannister also has ulterior motives. And maybe the High Sparrow himself has some other agenda in mind for his order.


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